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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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tomorrow. until then i'll say good night from new york.whether he has it or not. thank you very much, i appreciate it. now, here's lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. hillary clinton already mired in her e-mail and clinton foundation scandals. today plunged her campaign into the dregs of racial politics, facing the rising media attention on the clinton cartel and her growing pay-for-play corruption scandal throughout her campaign and the clinton foundation. she is desperately trying to deflect by calling donald trump and his millions of supporters racist. listen to her pathetic, ugly, invective and indecency.
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>> from the start, donald trump has billed his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. a man with a long history of racial discrimination, who traffics in dark conspiracy theories, drawn from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far, dark reaches of the internet. [ applause ] >> one asked, what were they applauding? and clinton was only beginning. and a highly organized and expensive coordinated attack, her campaign released a new political ad that tries to impugn trump as she suggests he's somehow connected to neo-nazis and white supremacists. trump today responded by dismissing her tiresome tactics, tactics she's used over four decades. trump said today he's having none of it. >> so what does she do when she can't defend her record?
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>> lie! >> that's right! she lies! she lies! and she smears, and she paints decent americans, you, as racist. it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. when democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument. you're racist, you're racist, you're racist. they keep saying it. you're racist. lou: we'll be taking up the day's new developments on the campaign trail with eboni williams and chris plant. also tonight, wikileaks founder julian assange threatens hillary clinton and white house ambitions, building suspense as he does so and stoking expectations that an october surprise may come early
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to the clinton campaign and foundation. assange tells fox news he'll release bombshell documents on clinton that he says will affect the outcome of this presidential election. >> i don't want to give the game away, a variety of different types of documents from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles. quite interesting. some even entertaining. lou: we'll take up the prospect of that october surprise and speculate, yes, speculate what it might be. we'll take that up with fred barnes. and man on media, howard kurtz joins me tonight as some in the national liberal media begin, begin to take notice of the clinton cartel of corruption. our top story tonight -- clinton coming out of hiding for a bit today.
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her last public rally a week ago, clinton breaking her silence but failed to address what has been one of the most devastating weeks of her campaign, instead focusing on the so-called alt-right movement. trump on the other hand in new hampshire continuing to hammer her on the issues, including illegal immigration. >> the people of this country, who want their laws enforced and respected, respected by calls, and who want their borders secured are not racist. if you want to have strong borders, so that people come into our country but they come in legally through a legal process, that doesn't make you a racist. it makes you smart. it makes you an american. lou: hillary clinton furiously trying to deflect media attention and concerns about her scandal plagued campaign
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last night in a phone call with cnn. clinton stated the obvious in what could be the closest we'll get on admission of guilt by her. clinton said, quote, there is indeed a lot of smoke but no fire, end quote, surrounding the clinton foundation. >> what we did when i was secretary of state, as i said, went above and beyond anything that was required, i know there's a lot of smoke and there's no fire. lou: remarkable. a lot of smoke but we are to believe there is no fire. the scandals are taking a toll on her poll numbers concerning honestly. in a new "quinnipiac poll" out today, only 29% of those surveyed said hillary clinton is honest. 42% say the same for trump. joining us now, the executive editor of weekly standard, fred
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barnes, fred, great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: i have to believe that she is right now lashing out in a desperate attempt simply to deflect media attention, and i don't see it working for the clintons, do you? >> well, look, what she'd like is to change the issue, this is a tactic that politicians, particularly the clintons have used for years. if there's some subject bother them that they don't want to talk about, change the subject, and she's done that. lou: she's tried it, that's my point. i don't believe it's working this time, and i think the reason is donald trump is hitting her square in the face with his rebuttal, his response. >> well, i thought his response was good, i like thomas soles' definition of a racist. he said a racist is liberal calling someone a racist when they're losing the argument. and certainly hillary clinton has been losing the argument. losing the argument in the scandals.
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i don't think she can win this argument about race, either. charging people with being a racist is -- it's something that doesn't have much zing anymore. maybe it did 20 years ago but it doesn't. it's been used so often by democrats that it doesn't work anymore. and she's not going to be able to escap of e-mails and the charitable, so-called charitable foundation. lou: i think your hesitation calling it a charitable foundation. >> yeah! >> when a foundation of $2 billion has moved through it, has moved 10% of that money to causes and then has her acolyte supporters and hangers-on saying things like people will die if we shut down the clinton foundation. these are silly people and we have a silly national media treating them as if they were serious people. >> as hillary might say, i misspoke. but, look, i look at numbers
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for 2013, the clinton foundation raised $143 million. how much did they spend on charity or report spending on charity? 9 million. 9 million out of 143 million! i wouldn't call that much of a charity. lou: it's not a -- well, it's a charity to the clintons, certainly, because they're using this as a slush fund to live a lifestyle of people well beyond their means, i.e. billionaires, worth only a couple of hundred million. i mean, it is -- it's galling and the national liberal media holds these people up as an avatar of public service? they are, in fact, corrupt. the clinton cartel, as it reaches from the clinton across three separate charities within the clinton foundation, the global initiative is now dead. this is despicable! and then to say that they're going to step down -- hillary
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and bill -- but leave little chelsea on the board, i mean, these people have the chutzpah of the likes of which i have never seen, the arrogance, the insolence and frankly, they are capable of god only knows what, for the past 30 years. >> lou, i don't think they're going to pull off this thing where they safety foundation and chelsea's going to run it. look, bill clinton -- lou: the hell with the foundation. i'm watching a woman who has created every kind of -- to me -- violation of public integrity and high office, and we're talking about making the woman the president of the united states in the national media? i don't care whether liberal or conservative, going along with that. that's mindless beyond anything in my experience and my reading of history. i have never seen the like, have you? >> i never have, and i want to raise one other point. lou: sure. >> you know all the never-trump
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people and the rebels. lou: the idiots. >> okay, that's fine. where are the equivalent people in the democratic party? they must know how corrupt hillary clinton is. they know how unsuccessful she was as secretary of state. they know all about the e-mails. they know all about the rewards begin to the people who gave money to the foundation and on and on and on, they know all that and yet don't have the courage to speak up. not one of them. lou: did you see jeb bush had the courage to speak up today? to impugn donald trump because he sounded much, much softer on the issue of illegal immigration, more adaptive to the facts as he is finding them this late in the campaign, being more moderate in his view. my god, is jeb bush so dense that he does not understand what an initial bargaining position is, because that's precisely what donald trump has taken here? a strong initial bargaining position and the bargaining begins?
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>> jeb bush ought have taken credit, if anything. lou: i didn't say he was a clever fellow. fred, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. lou: fred barnes, we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. donald trump says he's had a belly full of lying, crooked classless hillary and has a warning for those who enable her lies. >> to hillary clinton and her donors and advisers, pushing her to spread smears and her lies about decent people, i have three words. i want you to remember these three words -- shame on you. lou: where is the shame of those propping up clinton? eboni williams and chris plant join me here next. and this team of daredevils is preparing for a record-setting stunt, it's amazing, we'll show you the
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you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. . lou: donald trump not letting up, hitting hillary clinton as a widening scandal haunts her campaign. trump making it clear to voters that the country now faces a very crystal clear choice in
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november. >> she wants a country without borders. she wants trade deals written for the benefit of foreign corporations. [booing] she wants a government that ignores the will of the people. [booing] she wants to sell out american security to the clinton foundation for a big fat pile of cash. [booing] it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. lou: strong stuff. and joining me the hosts of the chris plante show and wmal in washington, d.c., chris plante. attorney, fox news contributor eboni williams, great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: that was as clear a statement of the choice facing voters on november 8th as we've heard from donald trump, don't you agree?
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>> i agree, lou, i think this clinton foundation, i'll call it a scandal and tell you why in a second. i think it's the most severe criticism of hillary clinton this election cycle so far. much more severe than the e-mail situation we were looking at earlier. >> i agree. >> i think that's a strong pair to draw to, whichever one you want to choose, both are a violation of public trust. both reveal immense lack of integrity on her part and horrible judgment. what do you think, chris? >> you know, honestly, the clinton foundation and the relationship to hillary clinton and bill clinton and their outside operators and the access gate being controlled through the foundation is structurally corrupt, and if it's not illegal, it should be made illegal. and i'm not a big fan of making new laws and make more things illegal, but this is third world style. this is what you expect in middle eastern country where if you want a meeting with the grand pooh-ba, you have to pay
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somebody off, get money to the foundation and there's a buffer like the corleone family. they have the entity on the outside, you pay the pole and get access to the pooh-bah. you know working overseas you got to spread money around. this is like that. >> i'll say something, i want to speak to the legal aspect, if it's not illegal it should be. i don't advocate for new laws, oddly enough, lou, what she's done is not illegal per se, but huge ethical problems are implicated here. she took an oath and signed an agreement saying she would do everything in her power to keep the dealings of the state department as she served as secretary of state, and the dealings as she led the clinton foundation separate, and obviously, we know those weren't respected, and so ethically it's a huge problem. lou: ethically a huge problem -- i'm sorry, go ahead. >> mohammad unis of bangladesh gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the clinton
11:19 pm
foundation, got his meeting with hillary clinton and the organization got tens of millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars. that's one example of many. and they say you had 1700. release all the records, they're the ones that were stonewalling, the ap doesn't have all the records because the state department and the obama administration have been stonewalling. give the names and let's look at broader picture of the relationships and the quid pro quos, the news media decided to kick the ap story to the curb and turned into a political back and forth, there's a serious scandal here. lou: it's a terrific piece of journalism. >> it is. lou: and the organizations kicking it to the curb, as you put, it chris, come on. just be straightforward. you're in the tank for hillary clinton. there can be no other explanation. this issue of law, with the clintons it turns out to be about law, about your reading of a parsed word, whether it be is or whether it be, this
11:20 pm
doesn't pass a smell test to be just as gentle and kind about it as i can with the language. these people are rank, corrupt, absolutely untrustworthy people who seek even more from the public trough, and i can't believe the american people are looking at that kind of behavior and give a damn whether it's lawful or it isn't. they have enriched themselves while in office and done so by violating the public trust, and in so many instances, it's ineffable. >> the correlation is undeniable. ap report, 85 out of 150 some odd meetings having direct ties to financial donorships. 25 over a million dollars? come on! doesn't have to be illegal for people to draw a conclusion. lou: what about countries and organizations putting $170 million in their pocket? $150 million?
11:21 pm
how about giving up while she was sitting on the board of sifus the committee for foreign investment in the united states which has to approve all deals of foreign investment like this and purchases to uranium one gives up 20% of u.s. holdings of uranium. this is beyond -- this is to me utterly treasonous, it is despicable and ought to be called what it is by the national liberal media. >> it's corruption. it's old-fashioned, third world, small town redneck sheriff-style corruption. it's pay the toll, and you get into see the big cheese. and i don't know how you can see it any other way. but our news media is just not up to the task of playing the role to the fourth estate. >> is it because "washington post," the number one political newspaper in this country is a left-wing paper now that is a political arm of this white house of the democratic party
11:22 pm
because it's owned by jeff bezos. it is bringing his ideology to the pages of the post every day. is it because carlos slim has put a quarter of a billion dollars into the "new york times." donald trump is exactly right, the business enterprise of the times, it is disintegrating and journalism unfortunately, may be preceding it. >> no republican would get away with this for a minute. any republican would have career ended by the ap story. they would be a leg of lamb in a pool of piranha until they were done. it would be their demise. lou: eboni williams? do you want to expand on that metaphor there? >> look at good work the foundation does. i'm not necessarily buying that but that has nothing to do with the means of which the corrupt procurement of the funds, it's absolutely despicable. >> they make outrageous claims about the good deeds. lou: they do. >> someone should look into that too.
11:23 pm
lou: fred barnes talking about 2013 and not even 10% of the money. >> that's true too. lou: it's sad, pathetic, the american people are better than this, than to vote this kind of conduct into the oval office. >> yep. lou: thank you, we appreciate it, chris plante, ebony williams. thank you. be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- we just heard this from hillary clinton, didn't we? we'd like to hear from you, cast your vote on twitter. follow me -- please roll the video and watch as a group of thrill-seekers casually walk across -- well, the french sky. what are they doing? these three daredevils, there are three of them, teetering on a 650-foot-long high line
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. lou: a few thoughts now on obama's iran. whatever iran becomes, it will be owned by president obama. he's made the future around possible, he's concluded the
11:29 pm
nuclear deal, he enriched iran by $150 billion and in the months since that nuclear deal, obama has embolden them with his passivity in the face of provocation after provocation. tonight, we learn the iranians harassed our navy in three separate incidents. the u.s.s. tempest, squall and stout all in close calls with iranian ships and boats yesterday in the northern persian gulf. the u.s.s. squall forced to fire three warning shots after the iranians sailed within 200 yards of the large american coastal patrol boat. tuesday, four iranian boats conducting high-speed intercept of one of our destroyers. two of the iranian boats coming within 300 yards of the u.s.s. nitsy as the obama administration is forced to defend $3.1 million payment to iran facilitated to unnamed central bank and broken into 13
11:30 pm
payments of just under $100 million each. the obama white house reasoning? the same as all of its actions in the iranian nuclear deal, negotiation and costs to be hidden from the american people no matter what. no matter the illegality, no matter the consequences, those 13 payments came two days after the $400 million cash payment of ransom by the obama administration to the iranians to the release of four iranian hostages which the administration denied and denied and denied. president obama defended the cash ransom payment earlier this month, but what he said was mostly jibberish and much of it simply untrue. >> the reason that we had to give them cash is precisely because we are so strict in maintaining sanctions and we do not have a banking relationship with iran that we couldn't send
11:31 pm
them a check, and we could not wire the money. lou: pure poppycock, and the question arises, why was the money paid and when? and, of course, the answer is, because it was ransom. today the white house refused to answer specifics about the $1.3 billion that was paid subsequently two days later to iran. >> we haven't been as specific about the mechanism of the payment for the $1.3 billion in interest other than to say we had a similar arrangement with a central bank, also unnamed. a lot of other countries don't want to advertise the ties between the central bank and iran because iran is a country that is isolated and they do have a bad reputation. lou: but no problem for mr. obama and the obama white house. a bad reputation, ernest admits, but this white house has had absolutely no qualms about fully empowering the
11:32 pm
world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. only one question results, it's purely rhetorical i assure you, what kinds of fools are these and are we? our quotation of the evening from pablo casals, who wrote, quote -- we're coming right back. donald trump keeping the pressure on clinton and widening corruption scandal. >> what is being uncovered now is one of the most shocking scandals in american political history. it's watergate all over again. lou: it's worse than watergate, but where is the media this time? howard kurtz joins me with the answers here next.
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. . >> the mainstream media stepping up the pressure on hillary clinton for her growing pay per play scandal, the "l.a. times" editorial which endorsed mrs. clinton earlier this year
11:37 pm
calling on the clintons to sever connections to the clinton foundation. the editorial board wrote -- that is, it seems to me, a very generous read of it all. joining me host of media buzz on the fox news channel, howie kurtz, great to have you here. i have to applaud the "l.a. times." they cast that in such almost ether-bound words. i somehow felt they lifted the whole scandal somehow to a level that was not as objectionable as it might otherwise be? >> it was a slow start. last week, lou, the "boston globe" and editorial said shut the clinton foundation down. uber liberal "huffington post"
11:38 pm
said shut it down. now with the e-mails, 15,000 discovered by the fbi, the others from judicial watch. more questions about the donors and the web of relationships between the foundation and the state department, the price is starting to cover it like it should be covered with a lot of scrutiny. lou: and from the alt-left, if you will, or perceived as such, the disturbingly from the left, julian assange moving straightforward to the center of american consciousness, if not politics, saying he's going to have much more for mrs. clinton to digest and for voters to interpret. >> i'm not thrilled about the role that wikileaks plays in receiving these unauthorized leaks or hacks into people's e-mails. the whole thing makes me uncomfortable, did have an impact on the democratic convention, and if he, assange, has something like he says he has, it's interesting with allegations of russian hechings
11:39 pm
as well how foreign actors seem to be having an influence on this u.s. presidential election. lou: the clintons seem a little confused right now. at least mrs. clinton. this dastardly attempt at race card that she pulled out and hurled today, it's just -- it's ignorance on her part and her campaign, and frankly even with everything that's going on, you can't say anything is beneath her now because of the conduct of mrs. clinton, mr. clinton and the clinton foundation and its interactions with russia? that's a real deal that has never been investigated. we know she checked off on it as one of the sitting members of sifus to turn over 20% of the uranium assets to the russians? and by the way, a quid pro quo straightforwardly? no questions asked. >> donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot.
11:40 pm
this harsh and personal talk -- lou: but he put that in context, if you may. neither comment is worthy of the candidates but he put it in the context of what 50 years democratic leadership has been doing to inner city communities has been doing in this country under democratic leadership? an entirely fair statement. >> i'm just make an observation about the temperature of the campaign. usually you have the candidate implying or insinuating that the other one is -- clubs are no nuance whatsoever. reason the foundation hurts hillary clinton is she has the bad numbers on honesty and trustworthiness and out there with the one percenters raising money from hollywood celebrities and the like and plays into the narrative. lou: this is pay-for-play. if she were mother teresa. if she had mother teresa's number she couldn't withstand this in any other time in our history. she is corrupt, howie! why is that so difficult for
11:41 pm
the national liberal media to comprehend, when the facts, the empirical evidence is right in their face. >> i will say this is the first time in the campaign probably since the moment when james comey decided not to pursue criminal charges, when hillary clinton and her scandal and foundation really is front and center and finally trump after dominating the news and not in a good way for several weeks is probably happy to let her seize the media spotlight as all of the revelations finally does aggressively dig into this. lou: and i thought his statements today about the choice that voters will have on november 8th today, it was the clearest statement from donald trump on what that choice is, and i give him great credit, don't you? >> well, he certainly is sharpening his message, doing more descriptive speeches, this reflects a new leadership with the campaign. little less of the ad hominem picking fights. he does less of that on twitter. some republicans will come home, the polls tighten and
11:42 pm
we'll have a race on our hands. >> steve bannon and kellyanne conway may be sneaking to the twitter machine. [ laughter ] >> great to have you with us, appreciate it. >> thanks, lou. lou: thanks so much. please roll the video and watch as this fisherman in ocean city, maryland. look what he's doing here. he grabs a sand shark. i'm thinking he shouldn't do that. he initially caught it but decided to release it. these sharks are generally harmless, not aggressive. they like to swim close to the beach, even close to people. difficulty is in shallow water differentiating from other sharks which rise to the level of apex predator and, yes, that's not a good thing. that's a little hug for the sand shark. sweet. we do not recommend this at any time, for whatever reason. up next, donald trump with a powerful new ally in fight against the lobbyist.
11:43 pm
the establishment, the elites of both parties and special interests. that's a pretty good list. >> i come to you from the united kingdom with a message of hope and a message of optimism. anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment. lou: decent people? we're going to hear a lot about that, decent people. that's who americans are supposed to be, right? nigel farage, the uk independents party leader who stood up to the establishment in the uk and he won against all odds and went to the european union and reminded them, reminded them how long it took and how well he did. will donald trump we'll take it
11:44 pm
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. lou: quick look at wall street, stocks moving lower, the dow down 31 points, the nasdaq lost 3, the s&p off 5. flat. anticipation from the wild west where the fed is meeting at yellowstone. volume on the -- jackson hole, excuse me. volume under 3 billion shares, durable goods orders rebounding
11:48 pm
as-c oe m ranek. joining me forbes media chairman, editor in chief, steve forbes, iconic, legendary, good to have you he. >> great to be with you again. lou: i have to say, hillary clinton deciding to go into the muck and call out this racist nonsense, charging trump, his supporters with it, looks on his face like just what she did for so many years, she's always the victim, always tries find no matter how lowly her actions, she wants to perceived as the victim. as some sort of defense. >> well, she's got two big problems. one is the issues are not in her favor. third term of obama the country does not want economically or in terms of security. and second, she's got a wee scandal on her hands. e-mails drip, drip, drip, keep
11:49 pm
coming out, and she flounders. takes real skill to make an enemy of colin powell in public, which shows she's no bill clinton on the campaign trail. she's got a scandal, she doesn't have issues, so what does she grab? as donald trump said, the old card. lou: by the way, he handled it perfectly. i don't know what you thought. but he was measured. he was firm, and he was -- and he put it just squarely back in her face that this is not going to play. >> no, and that's why he should continue to hit the economy. say i want to cut your taxes, she wants to raise them. you want eight more years of this stuff? vote for her. i promise you a change. he can win that way. lou: and he did a masterful job of talking about the differences between the two, and making it very clear. i can't imagine how anyone can vote for hillary clinton given her conduct, the foundation, the e-mail scandals. she's an fbi certified liar,
11:50 pm
how do you -- how do you -- she is! she lied, she lied, she lied, and by the way, credit always to trey gowdy for a masterful examination of the director he didn't seem to enjoy particularly. >> no, but in terms of hillary clinton, the only way she can win is by making this a race about temperament. if it's third term, she loses, temperament she figures she has a chance to win. lou: she's the one that has temperament problems. she doesn't work, she doesn't have an achievement to her name. there is not a single signature achievement that is hillary clinton's! >> yes, that's why she has to make trump appear unfit to occupy the big chair. that's why they're throwing around, that's why she's throwing around the race card. lou: she's throwing out lamps in the white house. she has a checkered recordsa the first lady in the white house let alone as president! >> if she loses the election, maybe the yankees can use her
11:51 pm
as a starting pitcher. lou: you always get back to the yankees. forbes, it's good to hear that forbes using wee and working back to the yankees. it's great that you found a little time for our little cul-de-sac here, we appreciate it. >> source of enlightenment and inspiration as always. good to have you. lou: up next, hillary clinton says there's a lot of smoke in the clinton foundation. but no fire she assures us. do you feel assured? she's trying, it seems, trying to extinguish a little bit of her scandals but they seem set to rage larger. washington bureau chief of the "washington post" joins us here next.
11:52 pm
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lou: in our poll last night we asked does the decision of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell not to attack hillary clinton and her ethics standards call theirs into question? 97-3%, they might think twice about their reticence in the face of scandal.
11:56 pm
hillary clinton blastle the pharmaceutical mylan. it turn out mylan donated a quarter million dollars to the clinton foundation. the story broken today by my next guest. joining me now, washington bureau chief, author of clinton i shall nc. it doesn't look like she stayed bought on that. the quarter million didn't dissuade her from criticizing. >> the lobbyists for mylan which is coming out tomorrow. he hosted some fundraisers for hillary clinton as well. the point is she is willing to profit off these companies when it's convenient and inconvenient.
11:57 pm
because she is maintaining the cash. they intend to keep the money as far as we can tell. the nexus between every single company. we hear about a rich person and some sort of connection in the news. and the next thing you know, they have given money to the clinton foundation. and the deep tentacles of this place is astonishing. >> the depth of it, the dimension of it, the scale of the money we are talking about over the course of 20 years. we are talking about $2 billion here and it hook like straightforwardly a channel for companies that want to gain access and action by government where that is often the case that has resulted, whether it be foreign governments, foreign leaders trying to influence the clintons, the state department, the obama administration or a
11:58 pm
new clinton administration clearly, clearly this is egregiously unethical conduct irrespective of what laws and regulations are prohibited. can you imagine how she could be elected president of the united states with this record? >> what we know is probably a small fraction of what happened. there have been certain core orders that forced these emails to be released. they didn't want these emails to be released. but there is very little information actually out there. everything out there is very interesting and revealing. can you imagine if we had a better understanding and actually knew what happened? you hear about one company, then boom. but what about everything else. and what sort of -- what are these foreign governments, what are these corporations doing
11:59 pm
giving money to the clinton foundation? there are plenty of other charities. cheerly they have interests finally and in front of the united states government. >> there is no clearer example than uranium one. $150 million into the clinton foundation. she doesn't do a thing to stop the purchase that results in 20% of uranium reserves in this country going to the russians. it's astonishing on a personal conduct level, a national security level. the public trust as secretary of state. daniel halper, we are out of time, come back soon. lou: daniel halper, the "new york post." we hope you will join us
12:00 am
tomorrow. until then i'll say good night from new york. [♪] >> the clinton foundation mess is stuck to hillary like a bad rash. is there anything we can do to scrape it off in the feds want to release mosquitoes to help stop zika. but one famous tourist stop says heck no. end the kids to bed. it's time to get going. remember when brexit was all the rage. back in june when the u.k. vetted to leave the european


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